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Deseret Ranch
13754 Deseret Lane
St. Cloud, Florida 34773-9381

Erik Jacobsen
Vice President and General Manager
Deseret Cattle & Citrus
Deseret Ranches of Florida

Visitor and Information Center
3584 Orchid Circle
St. Cloud, Florida 34773
Tours are generally available to the public, Monday through Friday, at 10:00 and 1:30 and Saturdays at 10:00. Tours are not available on holidays or Sundays. Tours should be scheduled in advance by calling 407-498-0388.

Media Contact
Jon Peck
Sachs Media Group
Phone: 850-222-1996
Cell: 850-591-1715

Employment Opportunities
David Eckholdt
Human Resources Manager
407-892-3672 ext. 4104

Management Team:
David Eckholdt, Human Resources
Justin Feild, Wildlife
Darryl Melanchuk, Controller
Dan Skousen, Citrus
Don Whyte, Planning
Kent Jorgensen, Land & Governmental Affairs
For the appropriate cattle manager, please call the main office number (407-892-3672)